Word Hazard

Guessing Game for Parties; on iOS and Android

Word Hazard is a party game where your friends have to explain a word without mentioning it, or without saying anything at all! Pick from one of dozens of categories and show the display to your friends. Word after word will be displayed and they have to explain. Tap on the screen or tilt the phone to go to the next word.

There are no points to win, you make the rules. Just have fun guessing what your friends and family are trying to explain to you.

Finally, English is not everyone’s mother tongue – Word Hazard supports displaying the words in multiple languages at the same time, so that everyone can understand. Currently the game’s categories are available in English, German and Arabic. But many more languages are going to follow!


If you need help or have any questions, please write an email to info@goldsaucer.co.uk.